Before I go through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, it needs to be reviewed in its entirety from a big-picture point of view. In this stage, I will assess several things: How does the structure flow? Are there any gaps in logic? Is your authorial voice consistent? Will your message reach your readers as it is currently written? Did you reliably follow your chosen style guide?

To be clear, developmental editing is not the same as copyediting. Before copyediting can begin, we need to identify if your manuscript needs any significant restructuring, character development, factual support, or some other key adjustment.

This can be a nerve-racking part of the process for authors. You’re turning over your creative work to a critical eye. Let me reassure you here that I am not your adversary. I come in at this stage to form a partnership with you. I will offer kind and honest feedback while you start to entertain ideas about how your writing might be shaped, reorganized, expanded, or condensed.



Once you have taken into consideration the developmental editing suggestions and made your desired changes, it’s time for copyediting. Here is where I will go through your manuscript one word at a time to evaluate things such as consistency, word choice, grammar, and punctuation.

Upon completion, I will return your manuscript with Track Changes on in Microsoft Word. I will also provide a customized style sheet documenting what makes your manuscript unique. This is critical for anyone working on it going forward.  



After your manuscript has been thoroughly copyedited and is ready for publication, we come to the final stage of proofreading. This is when I pull out my fine-tooth comb to review every single space and character. Proofreading is the final tidying up, ensuring there are no errors or typographical mistakes.


I enjoy editing nearly all genres of both fiction and non-fiction and will consider manuscripts of any length. I am most engaged in my work when I’m editing manuscripts written to inspire the reader to think deeply, to cry and laugh, and ultimately, to be more in touch with what it means to be human. As an editor and reader, I revel in manuscripts that take me to a place where I have more love, empathy, and curiosity for the world around me. Specifically, I am well-versed in horse training, dog ownership, raising children, homeschooling, competitive sports, handicrafts, entrepreneurship, and individual faith journeys.


For each of these editorial services, I charge a fair and competitive rate based on the recommendation of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Here is a link to their rate chart.

I am here to help shape your voice into a clearly written message for your readers. Let me know how I can be of support to you.